Friday, 26 June 2015

Watching My Name Go By (1976)

This is one for anyone with an interest in original New York graffiti.
Part of the BBC 1970s Omnibus series, New York, New York is essentially two documentaries in one with both of them concentrating on New York City's art scene.
Part one ('Saturday In Soho') shows the experimental, spontaneous art scene including dance, music improv and some dope airbrushing. The doc dispenses with inane narration and lets you watch for yourself the happenings which gives it a proper fly-on-the-wall feel. Just brilliant.

Part two however, is the one to really get the goosebumps going. Entitled Watching My Name Go By, this documentary as with the first is a real life look at the goings-on in the city at the time.
We're talking proper old school tags here and the beginnings of when productions were just beginning to become more confident.
Watch the kids just blatantly tagging anything in sight! It's a brilliant slice of organic, self-expression the likes of which our kids' generation will sadly never experience.

Watch it now on BBC iPlayer - this may be limited so hurry, hurry.

Also, check just the graffiti part if you prefer as some kind soul has kindly uploaded it to Youtube (albeit with a few audio substitutions)

Many thanks to Lee Lawrence for spotting this (and I think LG did, too)

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Anonymous said...

Im after a tracklisting for the "watching my name go by" documentary..anybody know any of these songs? RIDER77

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