Thursday, 20 August 2015

Renegades Of Rhythm Video Footage

 Remember, this was hip hop before hip hop became hip hop, if you see what I mean.

All heads will want to see this!

If you didn't have a chance to catch DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on their recent RENEGADES OF RHYTHM world tour then this video is probably the next best thing.

Utilising only records that were in Afrika Bambaataa's crates ("these are the copies that were played in The Bronx in 1975, in 1976, 1977....... these are those copies that set the whole culture off") for his legendary block parties, the two world-renowned DJs make a completely cohesive and interesting set which spans many genres - the first half is made up of funk, soca, salsa and world music all mixed and scratched to perfection.
The remainder of the concert delves into more familiar territory and after some reggae comes the classic Trans-Europe Express. The song that Cut Chemist blends with this is incredible and works a dream.
The pair play a fine selection of 80s NYC electro and hip hop cuts including a certain instrumental that Mike Allen heads will appreciate.
At one point a circle in the crowd is made with b-boys dancing to It's Just Begun and a multitude of breaks.

Look at the bigger picture and repeat that last sentence.
At one point a circle in the crowd is made with b-boys dancing to It's Just Begun. The ACTUAL records that Bambaataa played to crowds in the Seventies which were to become the building blocks of the music of hip hop culture were now being utilised again some forty years later and b-boys were dancing to them just as they would have in a block party in 1977.
Just phenomenal stuff.

Considering that the concert is mainly just two guys playing records to a crowd, in other hands this might be contrived and possibly more than a little boring but Shadow and CC have a large video screen behind them showing fantastic visuals of old school artifacts, graffiti, record covers and iconic figures.
Add to this the chemistry between the pair and the faultless performance given then this whole concert is quite simply the perfect honour to bestow upon hip hop's own Master Of Records.
Utilizing vinyl borrowed exclusively from Afrika Bambaataa's historic and genre-defining record collection, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's acclaimed Renegades Of Rhythm set touches down in Oakland, California in this professionally-documented film experience. You're there in the audience as the two DJ's unravel the evolution of Hip-Hop music and culture, using the same artifacts that helped create it. "Not just any records- the MASTER OF RECORDS' records."


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steveunlinked said...

Nice one! Saw this show in Kentish Town, truly legendary stuff :) Thanks for posting.

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