Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Boss Mike Allen R.I.P.

And so it seems that the inevitable has finally happened.

Last night (Friday) that great pioneering force of the 1980s UK hip hop scene, Mike "The Boss" Allen succumbed to Alzheimer's and sadly passed away at 8.45pm.

Some of us knew this was coming whilst I may imagine to a good few people this will come as a shock. Information about Mike's later years was hard to come by and given his deteriorating health then it's no wonder he was not all over social media. Until now.

A few years ago his record collection was put up for sale and some classic cuts were made available to the average Joe.
I managed to acquire Mike's own copy of Axel F / Like Eddie Did (by Det Reirruc / Club's Rappers) which he'd played many times and it still sounds fresh today.

Around this time I know that my good friend Waxer DiscoScratch had his hands on *the actual copy* of The Russell Brothers' The Party Scene 12" that Mike would faithfully play each week to introduce the Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart ("non-movers, sliders and led-sleds").
My feelings probably mirror most of yours in that Allen's Army On Maneuvres on Capital Radio was our weekly religion. It took place during our formative years as teenagers and we were all lucky enough to hear such an informative, enthusiastic and truly unique individual on the airwaves playing us some of the most upfront and devastatingly fresh street music available.

Goodbye, 'Uncle Mike'.

"Respect. Truth is absolute."


N.b. Check this link from Mike's rap radio rival at the time, Dave Pearce with a brief but lovely tribute.


Steve said...

Sad to hear, the man changed the lives of a bunch of us.

ramses said...

Heard about this earlier today, very sad news. Back in the day 95% of all new hip hop I heard was via Uncle Mike, his Capital shows still make for essential listening all these years later.

Thanks for the memories Mike.

Anonymous said...

Peace Repo

So gutted to hear Mike Allen has gone. Earlier today Greg Edwards was talking about Capital Radio etc on Soul Spectrum. Just think how lots of teenagers were able to record his show aerial boosts etc. I was one of those kids. TDK tapes were our gold! We made TDK and the like wealthy, today kids buy into Apple and make them rich. Feel so privileged to have been there when this shit was really "FRESH". Thanks for the memories Mike.

Respect Repo.


Ruse One said...

I first heard Mike Allen on 31/8/85. I taped it on a TDK tape and I've still got it. I spent the next 2 years taping shows and it was a great to hear hip hop that wasn't on an Electro or in the charts.

We will always be locked into the boss.

Mike Allen RIP

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