Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Bam - And Ya Say, Goddamn!

I've kept a long silence on this particular subject (much like the higher tiers of the UZN) for fear of personal reprisals (again) and also because I wanted to see if anyone came forward to corroborate these claims.
However as this event is continually snowballing into a whole shitstorm then I feel it is the right time to speak my piece.

For anyone who has not been following this groundbreaking news let me explain.

On March 29th 2016 a video (in two parts) was uploaded to Youtube by The Star Chamber which contained an interview between Troi Torain aka STAR ("the most objective voice in media today") and the 50-year old former NYS Democratic Committeeman and also ex-Universal Zulu Nation member, Ronald Savage.
This video contained detailed stories of acts of sexual abuse between Ronald himself and UZN founder, Afrika Bambaataa back when he was one of his "crate boys" at only 14 years old in the early 1980s.
From this one video other people have come forward to give their own video confessions of abuse by Bambaataa:

#1 Shavonne (not real name) (video)
#2 Hassan Campbell, 39 (video)
#3 Poppy, 39 (video)
#4 Troy, 51 (video)
#5 Unidentified Hispanic Guy, 50 (video)

Bribes were allegedly offered to some of these victims by members of the UZN in return for their silence.
Bam's former bodyguard, Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey has supported the claims and has said that the abuse of young children may run "into the hundreds".
Initially the UZN dismissed all claims as "rumors, slander and outright lies". Lately the Zulu Nation have since distanced themselves and removed Bambaataa as leader in a "significant" restructuring of the organisation.
Sadly it seems due to a law called the "statute of limitations" which exists in New York, it means that time has run out on any legal proceedings which may have taken place.
It is important to note that so far all of these incidents are all alleged to have happened and no official court orders have been filed. In short, it's one word against another.

Interestingly, Star talked to someone from the UK who was involved in an incident ("Man Claims Afrika Bambaataa Bit His Penis!"). However as the alleged events took place outside of Britain and the 'abused' was over the age of consent in New York state then I doubt these particular claims can come to anything.

Now. A couple of years ago the ABU Facebook Group (version 1.1) came to a crashing halt after some members of the UK UZN accused ABU's members of dissing their founder, Afrika Bambaataa.
The comments were not remarkably out of the ordinary for the ABU group. Humourous, near-the-knuckle banter that was prompted from a particular post remarking on Bam's sexuality in an extremely juvenile and British schoolboy fashion. Funny? Yes. Wrong? Possibly. But nothing that would be taken to these extreme reprisals if it were a discussion held down the pub.
"History has shown that high powered organizations will use any means necessary to cover-up for the bad behavior of its leaders, and in some cases, their creation may be based on this kind of behavior in the first place"
(Source quote here)
What people were speaking of was based on years of rumours and hearsay that could easily be found via Google. An open secret, if you will. Yet the zealousness of the UK chapter came down on ABU and demanded that we cease, desist and apologise.
After personal attacks to myself and two close friends of mine I decided that enough was enough and sadly closed down the group based on the actions of these purveyors of peace, love and unity.
Fast forward to June 2016 and the UK UZN are suspiciously quiet (save for a brief statement). The previous amount of venom and anger are noticeably absent considering the same comments and accusations (even moreso) are being bandied about in public forums.
Some good friends and I went through a truly shit time and it would be nice if at least just one person who publicly commented against us back then were to hold up their hands and make amends.

All I can say is, watch this space.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Ageing B-Boy, Reepz.

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aka Iriscience


Anonymous said...

In an online world where fake reigns supreme and reps are all important to the weak and jaded, I commend this post.

Patti Astor said...

Two-Part Mess:

1)Tragic Discovery of totally unacceptable behavior by one if the Icons of Hip Hop and the revolting coverup going on for many years within Zulu Nation to preserve their prestige/meal ticket.

2)The shocking totally un-Hip Hop attack by UK Zulu Nation on two of the pillars of bringing UK Hip Hop Culture to the world Ben Hamilton and Waxer Disco Scratch.

"Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self"
XX Patti "A"

Anonymous said...

I first heard of the alleged rumours in the early 90s, so this is not new to me. Is Bam a victim of Saville syndrome? I don't know, but something about these accounts of the alleged abuse doesnt sound right to me.

Don Amott KOC.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Amott here has been swinging so hard off of UKZN's collective clackers for soo long that he's become some kind of abuse denier. Time to hand in that Zulu Nation rule book, amigo. Victim of Saviles Syndrome, my arse. You do know that Savile was guilty don't you?

D. Oolbnori X

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