Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Record Review - Paradox - Wax Breaks

I was recently contacted by a musician called Paradox who predominantly makes drum 'n' bass with a heavy propensity for raw funk breaks. He's been flying low under the ABU radar and upon hearing his stuff immediately put a big smile on my face. I think you will all like this.
He has a new album available designed primarily for producers called Wax Breaks - it is pressed on vinyl and contains 16 looped, redesigned beats - which instantly made me recall Simon Harris' legendary Beats, Breaks & Scratches series.
The emphasis here is on funk with the majority of the breaks being mid-tempo instrumentals rather than just fast, ear-bleeding DnB beats (as my blurb above may have led you to believe). The few that are more uptempo just show you how funky drum 'n' bass can be when left in the hands of the right producer.
When listening you can really hear how crisp each snare hit sounds or just how well put-together each loop is. One in particular I liken to an early 45 King production which could easily have Lakim Shabazz rhyming - although it really isn't hard to imagine an MC riding over the top of any one of these.
These would sound great as beds for radio producers as there is no instrument clash - just straight beats.

Available on fat, 180-gram, heavyweight vinyl this is surely a welcome addition to record-collectors with a tendency to produce beats as well as those who just like proper hardcore instrumentals.

Have a listen below to the brief samplers of the tracks so can hear for yourself.
Real hip hop exists out there. You've just got to search a little harder through the dirt to get to the diamonds.

Side X:

Side Y:


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Executive Steve said...

Respect, I read an interview with Paradox where he namechecked your site, and I have been digging through all your posts for hours now, some incredible content and good sharp writing, hope you keep this up because I have only just found you and you really know your onions. Peace!

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