Thursday, 6 October 2016

CrumplStock #5 Festival REMINDER

Just a reminder that it's the CrumplStock #5 DJ Festival starting tomorrow.
Head to the main CrumplStock page then select the RAYCHELLE'S ABU GET DOWN STAGE.

It kicks off at 7pm Friday.
Here's the revised line-up.

Friday 7th October (GMT)

1900 - Dren (
2000 - Kevin (
2100 - Jason (
2200 - Repo (
2300 - Deathhop (
0000 - Dayle (

Saturday 8th October (GMT)

2000 - Pom (
2100 - Garry (
2200 - Shan (
2300 - Berty (


Anonymous said...

Big up the Crumply Crew for rocking the spot - an amazing couple of nights of great music, all the sets were good (or bad meaning good) - DEF! A great intro from 33Dren & my favourites were Deathhop and Dayle but as I said all who stepped up delivered, thanks to all of you

Repo said...

Thanks for tuning in, J. Really, really appreciated m'man!

If you carried on listening after 5 mins of my set then I applaud you. It did get better after some atrocious mixing on my part - I was so embarrassed after that I have since edited it out!

But, hey, it was all live!

- Reeps

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