Saturday, 28 January 2017

Westwood Speaks About His Past

Here's a couple of videos from UK radio legend, Tim Westwood (forget the second one's Eminem title which is very misleading).
Filmed fairly recently he talks about his past and how he got to where he is today via his clubbing days.
The guy is nearly 60 years old and is doing well for his age. As for his music choices now, he plays strictly for the clubs and according to Westwood himself that has always been paramount regardless that he once was the go-to guy for those rap exclusives in the early 1990s and led the way rather than be told what to play.

Good to see that he acknowledges the UK pioneers but overall he comes across as odd in these clips - to me at least.
What is it about Westwood? My feelings for the guy change all the time. His attitude to the heyday of the UK sound are very much 'been there, done that, leave it in the past'.

I've long thought that someone of his stature could host a regular BBC Radio 2/BBC 6 Music show of classic hip hop in the evening. Imagine, two hours of all the sub-genres of hip hop where Westwood could play from three decades and drop some of the rarely-heard interviews, jingles and mixes from his old shows, the Marley Marl New York hook-ups as well as the Break To The Beat Version Excursions - remember them?

Aaah, it's all pie in the sky, rose-tinted specs stuff. But wouldn't it be great?

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