Friday, 2 June 2017

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issue #1

I recently found a stash of long-lost Hip Hop Connection/HHC magazine up in my loft the other day.

For anyone not familiar with HHC let me briefly explain.
This magazine hit the newsstands in July of 1988 and was something completely new and mostly unheard of at the time. A magazine all about hip hop.
Let me tell you that I was absolutely gobsmacked when I first saw it and literally threw my money at the shopkeeper in that little newsagent in Guildford (opposite Surrey Police HQ, if you want to know).
I salivated at what the cover promised. Salt-N-Pepa! Wee Papa Girl Rappers (it does get better...)! EPMD! Stetsasonic! Tim Westwood! AND the chance to win a drum machine!

This was it, I thought. My whole life had led up to this point. The music I had been listening to exclusively for the past 6 or 7 years had finally made it into print. Things were going to start happening now.
Bear in mind that this was months before The Source had even begun so to say our generation were starved of reading material was an understatement. Sure I had some books which alluded to (some more than others) the history of hip hop and would snap up whatever I could find. But to see something that actually dealt with the current was almost mind-blowing. We were easily pleased back then.

From the off celebrated London photographer, NORMSKI was involved snapping some legendary figures in the scene. This wasn't some home-made, cheaply-photocopied fanzine (cough, more of which another time). No, this was the real deal, full-colour shizzle and only cost a measly £1.

I now present to you Issue 1 in all it's glory in what I am hoping will be a semi-regular feature on the ABU blog.
I know what you're thinking - where's the penpal section? Alas, you'll have to wait until Issue 4 where the legendary CONNECTIONS page began. Amidst the inaugural batch of hopefuls are 'Mandy' and 'Flen' who appear to have super-glued their hands to their chins (this would become the de rigueur hip hop pose of the '80s).

Own up, people. Am I likely to find any of you lot lurking in these pages as a spotty teen?


Download HHC Issue #1 Here

Mister Reeps


Anonymous said...

BOMB! Thanks so much ... you made my day!!

Repo said...

Nice one, Renee.
Hope it brings back some good memories!


Unknown said...

Thanks for uploading this, I remember getting this when I was at school, it was great. I seem to remember them giving Critical Beatdown a bad review in one of the early issues, I never understood that as it's an absolute classic. I notice it was published in Ely of all places, which is where I currently live, I can't think of a place less Hip Hop! :D

Phil Littlechild said...

Bought this and c&vg alot back then.
The music reviews were biased as fuck, and it was very london based. Hip hop was everything inside the M25. To most it still is.

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