Tuesday, 8 August 2017

6 Music 'Hip Hop Hooray' Day

One of the BBC's digital radio stations, 6 Music, is broadcasting a day of hip hop music with songs and documentaries.
This Saturday (12th) the station will kick off with a DJ Shadow Essential Mix featured during Nemone's Electric Ladyland at Midnight.
Who needs Photoshop? This is dope, right?

There is a documentary ("Looking for the Perfect Beat") which was originally broadcast in 1990 on Radio 1 by Jeff Young. I distinctly remember this because at the time Radio 1 would have documentaries every Saturday lunchtime and this was one I recall being quite excited about.
I've even posted this previously on the blog complete with my shabby cassette cover.
You'd best catch this on the rewind as it's on at 4 in the morning.

Mary Anne Hobbs has a look at how Los Angeles has become part of the scene in "The West Coast Influence" at 7am.
This show is 3 hours long so I'd expect to hear a good bit of history from back in the old Egyptian Lover, Wrecking Cru, Radiotron days rather than just Cypress Hill and The Pharcyde.

And who would've thought that they'd be getting goosebumps over the possibility of listening to Alan Freeman? Yes, he's on at 4am on Sunday with "Rap It Up" which "explores rap music from its origins onwards".
Having previously been aired in 1994 this will be right up my street because as most right-minded folks know, hip hop died after this year. Suck it up, you know it's true.

For the whole schedule check this link.
It's great that a station such as 6 Music known for their love of specialist music away from the norm are doing this so hats off to them.


@feverpitch said...

Totally agree with your 1994 comment and I'm right minded!

Science said...

ha ha ...liked your comment but I'd say a little later...about 98/99 for me..lol

Science said...

ha ha ..yeah I liked that comment ...but for me it was a little later. Probably 98/99ish ;)

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