Friday, 8 June 2018

Promo Only: A Visual History of Hip-Hop Memorabilia

Those lovely chaps who used to run Fat Lace mag but now are far too busy with many different fingers in many different pies have a great new book they dearly want you to read.

The book details all the free stuff that record labels would send to shops and journalists in the hope of sealing the deal and perhaps making a certain product more likely to stick out. Memorabilia from the hip hop world is always sought after but when you factor in rare stuff that Joe Public may never have even seen back in the day then this book suddenly becomes super interesting.

The trouble is it hasn't been published yet.
The prototype looks amazing and the authors have content for days. Andrew Emery used to write off to rap labels and received promo stuff then joined HHC mag and got more promo shizz. This then is the journey through his (and Dan 'DJ' Greenpeace) world as his collection continued to grow and grow.

Annoyingly, a project like this needs a hefty injection of financial love if they want to present it as intended so that it doesn't feel like some sad, flimsy, DIY, knock it out yerself collection of pages barely stuck together. And this is where you come in.
Visit the crowd-funding page here and you'll find different ways to help and become an official backer of the project. The more you contribute the more you get.
For instance, £15 gets you an "Ebook and name in back of book" while the "Limited Janette Beckman Print Package" will see you receiving a wealth of fun gifts including "a private game of the Beat Street board game with the authors" for a mere £5k.

All details can be found here. Show your support as this is a very worthwhile project.

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