Saturday, 27 October 2018

Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 4: The Beat EP

It's finally here.
Double Dee & Steinski's new release is a continuation of their infamous 'Lessons' series from 30 years ago and is (unsurprisingly) entitled, Lesson 4.
Believe me this is a sprawling, full-on assault on your ears with breaks and samples hitting you from every direction and some 'just right' spoken audio carefully laid on top.
Now enlisting the talents of master turntablist, ADA, the group is untouchable. Lesson 4 has really been worth the long wait. Check out the bang you get for your buck. That's 5 versions of the song. And if you join the mailing list at their official website then you may even get a special limited, one time only discount code to download this fine audio swag.
This is going to take some close inspection to decipher a lot of what the guys have done here but who cares, the fact that they are still providing for their fans is just enough. Hell, they could've just released themselves coughing over a beat and I still would've lapped it up.

Listening back, I'm sure I've heard (and probably have a download) of an early version of this song as that guitar refrain is very memorable as is the Richard Pryor dialogue at the start.

Listen/Stream/Purchase Lesson 4 here!

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