Friday, 16 November 2018

Steven Hager - Hip Hop Book

I know that the viewing figures for the blog are not like they were in the heyday of this platform so this is a post mainly just to say thank you to anyone who still regularly visits.

Most people have simply jumped over to social media and use the ABU Facebook group now.
While this is all good, the Facebook group is not the sort of place where I envisioned ABU ending up when I began this blog in 2008. That's progress, I guess, and I'll take it how it comes.

However for you good people still holding off from the evils of social media here is a little digital treat for you.
For a number of years I've been after a particular book - Hip Hop: The Illustrated History of Break Dancing, Rap Music, and Graffiti written by Steven Hager. Unfortunately this has been long out of print and the original goes for a pretty decent price on Ebay.
A while ago I found that a digital copy was available online - sadly not for free - so I grabbed it as would be the closest that I'd ever get to owning the real thing.
This then is a little gift to you for sticking around. It's a ZIP file with digital copies in .MOBI and PDF formats. If you don't understand what these are then it's probably best you get back to your cosy chair and Werthers' Originals.

If you do download this please leave a comment just so I can see how many of you are interested in it. Cheers!

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Martin Lovegrove said...

Nice one Repo. Personally, I use an RSS feed to follow sites that I like, so when a new post is created it pops up in my feed rather than me having to remember to visit the ever-growing number of sites in my list.

Repo said...

I've got a RSS feed application on my laptop that I've not checked for months now. The amount of missed blog posts on there must be stupidly high now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Repo, thanks for this and all the other goodies you put up. I'm always looking in, I rarely look at my Facebook page anymore. Keep up the good work buddy. Looking forward to a Go Go mix from you :) Peace, Grixter.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Thanks for the book Repo! I never heard this book before but I'll definitely add it to digital library.

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