Monday, 21 April 2008

Grandmaster Flash interview Feb 1st 2008

Now I used to idolise Flash. In fact his was the first 'rap' 12"record I ever bought. I say I, it was actually me Dad who purchased it, from WH Smith back in the days when they used to sell vinyl.

The Message was the longest record I had ever heard and used to play it endlessly, over and over again until I knew the words off by heart. Although it wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to find out just what the last line of the first verse actually was. Thanks to the internet it is either:

"A man with a tow truck reposessed my car".

or the slightly more abstract;

"The man from Prudential reposessed my car".

So I'm none the wiser.

Anyway, as I began today's Blog, I stated that I used to idolise Flash. Past tense. This is because I've heard some pretty bad stories about him and his behaviour to younger hip hop artists and also his diva-like antics and hefty performance fees.

No disrespect to him as he is still a legend and a pioneer. But I prefer Bam. Good old Bam. Cuddly old Bam. He's like the grandad you wish you had, isn't he? "Sit here on Granpappy Bam's knee, son, and I'll tell you all about the time I whipped Flashes ass at Bronx River in '78".

So here's an interview with Grandmaster Flash from earlier this year.

It's an mp3 rather than a zip file so good times!

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