Monday, 28 April 2008

The Writer's Bench

I was watching Style Wars again last night but with the commentary as a sort of tribute to Tony Silver who sadly passed away very recently.

It made me wonder what the impetus is for young writers these days.
Back in the early mid 1970's an artist could spend as much time as he liked creating a masterpiece on a train and bring down his lunch and a transistor radio without fear of capture.

Those days disappeared with more and more onus on the NY authorities to crackdown on the 'graffiti epidemic' and they subsequently buffed each and evety train. As soon as a train was even tagged it was taken out of service so that the message given was that graffiti was not to be tolerated any more.

Maybe I'm viewing the past with rose-tinted specs but like pretty much every new idea, once the masses get involved it can never be quite the same again.

Anyway it's always good to watch this film again and I always seem to find something new when I do. In case you missed it check further down the blog for the movie in one of my first posts.

Here's some related linkage:

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