Thursday, 14 August 2008

Phat Friday (15 August)

It's Friday......... so here's my three Phat Friday songs for you to mull over, wherever you be. This triplet is a bit of a nice selection even if I don't mind saying so myself.


- Gang Starr - "'Jazz Thing'" -

No doubt about it, this is a classic in the true sense of the word. I remember first hearing this on Westwood's Capital Rap show and it was such a monumental record it got a rewind by Tim. In fact he didn't so much rewind it as just play it again straight after it ended!
I just love the simplicity of Premier's scratches which match Guru's rhymes and the groove perfectly.
Unfortunately this song didn't appear on Step In The Arena which came out at the same time. It is available however on the Mo' Better Blues soundtrack as well as Gang Starr's Greatest Hits album.


1982 - Futura 2000 -"'The Escapades Of Futura 2000'" -

With production from The Clash this record shows just how close early hip hop and punk rock were in the beginning of the 1980's. Many people don't like Futura's flow but I disagree. He talks about his viewpoint of the burgeoning New York graffiti scene and to dismiss this record just because he was a writer who can't rap is a disservice to the man. The Clash execute a great old school hip hop break-sounding rhythm and add a nice bassline.
Apologies as this is the dub version - I couldn't locate the vocal mix but you get the idea.


- Isaac Hayes - 'Hung Up On My Baby' -

As a tribute to Isaac Hayes who unfortunately passed away this week I thought it fitting to include a record which is not only a classic break but also a top tune in it's own right.
Taken from the soundtrack of (Three)Tough Guys, this is some sweet funky soul used to absolute perfection by The Geto Boys on 'Mind's Playing Tricks On Me'.

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