Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Run DMC Live!

This is a concert recorded in 1987 (?) at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.
Originally broadcast on Dave Pearce's A Fresh Start To The Week on Radio London 94.9 Nite FM it features a 22-minute performance from Run DMC. However the rest of the concert (not broadcast) consisted of The Beastie Boys, Whodini and LL Cool J.

Listen out for dodgy Jamaican accents and "dick-grabbing time" during the performance.

And now my 'obvious Dave joke'.
Ahem, "Dangerous" Dave Pearce? - the only thing dangerous about him now is the amount of cholestorol from all the burgers he continues to shove down his mush.

1. Here We Go
2. Together Forever
3. You Talk Too Much
4. Raising Hell
5. Peter Piper
6. Rock Box


Another sureshot ripped & edited by Bobby D.


Ruse One said...

I am sure there is more to this concert. I have an old tape with part of the Whodini concert at the beginning. The quility is not that good, but there are more songs on it that listed here... I will have a listen and see if i can upload it....

miuziweighsaton said...

yeah, beasties was broadcast too for sure

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