Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ebay Madness #1.2

Just a quick post to say good old "pop2.0" is re-auctioning his Wild Style album for all you unlucky saps that missed out last December.
He originally put it on for 150 British quid but now has knocked off a fantastic £30 to bring the total down to a bargain basement, credit-crunching £120!
What are you still reading for? Get yourself there pronto and Buy It Now

I reckon he spends the rest of his life - whilst not busy dreaming up laughable ebay prices - as a part-time comedian. Why? Check out the jaw-dropping prices of his other items.
Now, I prefer Bruce Willis The Actor to Bruce Willis The Singer though I'll happily hum along to his rendition of Under The Boardwalk. But I draw the line on paying £85 for one of his cd's.

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