Monday, 10 May 2010

RIP Frank Frazetta

Who he?
Well he was an illustrator who painted fantasy landscapes and science fiction fantasy art who sadly died at 82 today.
The reason I'm mentioning him is simple.
Style Wars?
Subway station?
The Beastmaster.... Yes?

The legendary one-armed graffiti writer KASE points at a poster for the film The Beastmaster and alludes to the painting being similar to the work of Vaughn Bode and Frank Frazetta.

Look at that eagle.
Word. l said look at that eye. You know where he got that from, right?
From Vaughn Bode and who?  

Frank Frazetta
The BEASTMASTER. The letters is breakin out.
'The epic adventures of a new kind of hero! That's what we're gonna be. The extraterrestrial brothers, you know what I'm saying? Extra terrest! Knowin we the best.

Yes I know. This post is very tenuous at best.

Read some more here 

Oh, and check this picture out. This is Frazetta's "Princess of Mars" original painting from which The Beastmaster ripped-off. 


dan large said...

dope post

kimdir said...

bu ne a:q valla ilove demekten baska bi söz yokcesi :D

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