Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast #3


The 3rd Podcast is ready and waiting for your downloading pleasure.
The usual classic and funky old buggers' bag of hip hop awaits along with some off-the-wall shitz and giggles.

I decided not to give you a listing this time and instead hit you with it freshski so that it's all a surprise - a good one. Maybe I'll add one later. Maybe not.

Again, if you prefer to listen on your chosen mp3-playing portable device then download from here and transfer at your leisure.
However if you were spoiled as a child and given everything as soon as you demanded it then you will prefer the streaming option below.
I'm not here to judge, baby.

We've given this podcast a Code Blue warning as there is a chance that the listener may encounter some filth-flarn-filth during the broadcast. So unless your co-workers, colleagues, fellow bus passengers, gran or dog are groovy, down-with-the-kids, filth-merchants then be warned.

Special shout to CODE's mum, Flygirl Sue, we know it to be true.

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast #3 by Sonicity3


Download Podcast # 3


stylewarrioruk said...

I'm going to download it now, then listen to it at the same time as I stream it live.

Just because I can.

So there.

Ben said...

Well then, sir. You indeed win the coveted ABU Gold Star Of The Day.

You may also have yourself a cookie. I respect your multitasking methods.

martinlfinch said...

These podcasts keep getting better & better!

Like NICE & SMOOTH said "dope-on-a-rope...."

statichiss said...

nice one repo...gonna have a listen after the footy tonight

WARZ said...

I'm feelin' the 'Young Ones' samples in the intro, bruv. Ya can never have too much early 80's 'Alternative' comedy in Hip Hop.

"There's no Dolly Mixtures in here, poofter". Absolute classic.

Baldy O'Hare said...

I don't talk no filth flarn filth , i don't konw what the fuck you talking about....

stylewarrioruk said...

Another great podcast Ben... thanks for the ad too!

WaxOnWaxOff said...

You are definitely arriving at the title "Uncle Ben" (and not in a rice way either!)... I strongly believe the mantle of Uncle Mike is being passed on... I hope you'll be wearing a hawaiian shirt at the Christmas Jam... wicked podcast as usual man, great insight on the Roxanne wars!!!!


martinlfinch said...

Hey waxer, i reckon BEN "THE BOSS" HAMMY has a nice ring to it.

Get that hawaiian shirt out B!

Ben said...

I always don a Hawaiian shirt when doing the show out of respect for Mr Allen.
And it matches the shorts too, y'see....

ramses3rd said...

Ben, this podcast was NECTAR. Excellent tracklist as usual (in particular A Tribe Called Quest and the Ike & Tina Turner track with that fabulous breakdown)and some nice comic asides and adverts - spooky fact: I sold a Ronco Record Vacuum on eBay recently. Some evil drums on the Denim ad too.

I think if we compared DVD collections there'd be plenty of similarities (in the comedy section anyway, don't know how you feel about obscure European horror films from the 70s...)

The best thing I can say about pocdast #3 was that it was over much too quickly. Magic stuff! And editmungous.

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