Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MC Crazy Noddy & DJ Fingers / Pogo & Mell'O' / Monie Love

Right. Are you ready for some "black steel", "acetates" and "dub-plate pressure"?
I ripped this 18-minute segment off a tape from 1987. It's a recording of an early Tim Westwood show from his beginning days at Capital Radio.
Strange to think that even a legendary figure like Timmy could only make do with 30 minutes of airtime back then.
Marvel at the way he introduces the wrong title as LL's new song. You crazy diamond!

I somehow managed to keep my itchy trigger finger away from the pause button and recorded the whole set of MC Crazy Noddy & DJ Fingers from The Syndicate as well as Jus' Badd's DJ Pogo & MC Mell'O' without 'editing' it.
This is some rare London bizzle and hearing an MC over those original breaks'll put hairs on ya chest I tells ya.

And while I'm in the mood for some breaks and British vocals I'm gonna bless you with the rugged tones of Simone Wilson aka Monie Love and MC Mell'O' out of Jus' Badd and their highly-sought after 12" "Freestyle".
I haven't personally got this record but I'm guessing a certain Fagent Inch (cryptic name-change) has a copy.
Most probably doubles, too.
Still shrinkwrapped.

Talking of spoilt, British, loudmouth, tantrum-having MC's, did I ever mention that time I saw Monie Love in the Kings Road, London shopping for a frock and just stamping her feet in a rather quaint 'don't you know who I am?' kind of way?

Really. Really? Alright. Okay...ummm, well, on behalf of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, thank you. And goodnight.

Jus Badd - Free Style


martinlfinch said...

Yes B, Fagent Inch does own that 12, he doesn`t have doubles though, i saw it when i was round his gaff the other day, we`re best mates ;o)

Ben said...

I knew it!!!!!

Wax-cheeks said...

What Mart no doubles? Stay behind after.


love the ads on the radio rip.

Anonymous said...

Christ, how NORMAL does Westwood sound?!

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