Monday, 23 May 2011

Norwich Is In The House - No Half Steppin

I think it's about time I gave props to my hometown for representing hip hop.
Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be in the presence of many like-minded people getting down to classic hip hop beats and real funk 45's in the centre of Norwich courtesy of Sure Shot Productions.

And (as you would expect, being the namesake of one of my aliases!) Sure Shot Productions can certainly put on a night.
Consisting of top local dj Just-1 (who has a regular show on Future FM radio) and the legendary Chrome (-ex of Def Tex, the UK's longest-serving hip hop group) who just happens to be one of the country's greatest MC's to ever bless the mic.
Kid Dyno
The No Half Steppin night was back after a hiatus of a number of years and the inaugural guests on Saturday night were Kid Dyno & The Beat Detective a.k.a. The World's Famous Daily Diggers who dropped some serious funk 45's, even cutting them up to keep the beat rolling.
All through the night brief shouts were given by Ill Inspired, rocking the echo chamber, who inevitably got on the mic near the end of the session to trade some freestyle rhymes with Chrome. Dyno slipped on Good Times and the crowd got hype as the lads went for it in a 1970's Bronx park jam stylee.

I met up with a load of good people including fam from the Disco Scratch / ABU! / Heroes crew. Big shout to some of the heads in attendance; Scenes, Bit, Jim Cee, Inch, Chrome, Ill Bill, Wizla, Crazel.
Jim & Matt - I don't think I've met a funnier pair of comedy siblings since the brothers, Chuckle. Top banter
Special thanks to Scenes & Inchy who must've clocked up 600 miles between them to make the event as well. As Roy C would say, 'dedication!'

Next month sees the stylings of Def Tex dj, Sure D(elight) on the 1's and 2's. Saturday June 18th.
There's more to Norfolk than Alan Partridge and tractors. Honest!
You don't want to miss.

Ill Inspired
The Chuckle Brothers & Inch
Chrome on the mic
Kid Dyno rockin those Good Times
The Norwich Hall Of Fame
Scenes & Repo getting dusty fingers
Still Diggin
Wizla & Crazel - another pair of jokers!

 All photos courtesy ©InchHigh 2011 All Rights Reserved.

1 comment:

Waxisonthefelt said...

Van Damn I always miss the gooduns'! Glad you lot had a good time wish I was there... still, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Big respect to all who reached & those that put on the event & performed...

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