Wednesday, 4 May 2011

DSR45 ABU! Takeover Star Wars Special

Last week was the monthly ABU! Takeover show.
And also due to today being a hallowed day for Star Wars geeks fans (May the 4th) the show was a bit special to reflect this.

I joined the mighty Waxer live in the Palace Of Villainy to co-present the show and we brought the Force with us plundering the back catalogue of hip hop and funk with as much tenuousness as two Jedi's could muster.

If you didn't catch it live then here it is for you, fully ready to listen in a lovely crystal clear mp3, edited by Waxer and available from loads of different filesharing places.

01.  John Williams – 20th Century Fox Fanfare (what else....!)
02.  Cantina Band – Star Wars Theme
03.  2 Live Crew – Throw The D (Skyywalker Records)
04.  Ghostface Killah – Starkology (Uses the track Star Wars break by David Matthews)
05.  Nas – Star Wars
06.  Rammellzee vs K Rob – Beat Bop (from the Style Wars OST)
08.  Suspekt – The Underground Strikes Back
09.  Lewis Parker – Sunflight (off the Jedi B-Boy Boot)
10.  Notirious B.I.G. ft Method Man – Rap Phenomenon (rhymin about Star Wars)
11.  David Matthews – Star Wars
12.  Krash Slaughta – Scratch Wars
13.  RA The Rugged Man ft Jedi Mind Tricks – Uncommon Valour
14.  DJ Yoda – The Zipper Scratch
15.  Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhymin With Biz ("I watch Star Wars just to see Yoda")
16.  Dilated Peoples – The Platform ("Watch the Stormtroopers storm")
17.  Phil Pratt – Star Wars Dub
18.  Scientist – C-3PO + R2-D2 = The Force (Best. Title. Ever)
19.  ROTJ OST – Lapti Nek
20.  Public Enemy – Tie Goes To The Runner ('Rebel Base' sample)
21.  Ultramagnetic MCs – Break North (Scratching REBEL BASE & finishing the track with “We’re going in, we’re going in full throttle, that should keep those fighters off our back”… LOVE THAT!!!
22.  Fader Gladiator - Battle Of The Planets (samples The Imperial March)
23.  Willesden Dodgers – Not This President (featuring voice samples of Ronald Reagon about the Star Wars project)
24.  Jurassic 5 – Lesson 6 (Sampling the Sandcrawler music)
25.  ROTJ OST – Ewok Celebration and Finale (the PROPER ending of Jedi, Lucas you dirty facker!!)
26.  John Williams – The Throne Room/End Title

Disco_Scratch_Radio_45_ABU_Takeover_Star_Wars_Special_28.04.11.mp3 (103.83 MB)


BAB said...

Thanx ;)

You can add these to your list or make Star Wars mixtape part2;
-Cold 187um of Above The Law; May The Force Be With You (samples Imperial March)
-Bishop Lamont; Bitches On My Dick ("look like Chewbacca when I rap")
-Divine styler; play it for devine (samples Cantina Band)
-Erick Sermon; It's Nuttin' ("Skywalk like Luke")
-Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks; Pistolvania (Remind me of Lando Calrissian,Smooth like Billy Dee")
-MC Ren; Renincarnated (About to Darth Vader the game)
-RapSody; Return of the B-Girl (Mara Jade)
-Ras Kass; Revenge of the Spit (pretty much the whole song)
-Redman; Can't Wait (The fly guy,with the force like Luke Sky)
-Schoolly D; Gucci Again (Drinking lotta soda,looking like Yoda)
-Kool Keith; Dark Vader

You know what to do if you need any of the tracks.

ramses3rd said...

Great show fellas, plenty of top tunes. (Although the inclusion of Beat Bop surely puts you in the running for the 2011 "Most Tenuous Link" award). And where else on the radio would you find a DJ who has to stop work to let his wife in?? Pure class!

Ben said...

Thanks Ramses.
I graciously accept the award and want to thank you for giving me such a worthy honour ;-)
I just HAD to get Style Wars in their SOMEWHERE!

Incidentally I played the Willesden Dodgers track as a dedication to you and my other Electro homies.

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