Friday, 29 July 2011

ABU! Takeover Show Podcast - DSR56

Wow. What a blast last night was in the Disco Scratch chatroom.
Seriously, it was nothing but good times throughout the 2.5 hours with Norman graciously taking his summer holiday.

If you were listening in live right to the end then you will have heard the bonus Easter Eggs such as the classic Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Finch and Straight Outta Tipton, as well as some early Waxer productions AND an exclusive first-play of the unreleased studio mix of a track featuring Whirlwind D, '32 And Tea'.

Wow, again. '...Kangaroo' is a classic with it's ingenious use of a particular Simon Harris voiceover over Rolf Harris but '..Tipton', well, that's another story. I've heard this a number of times and yet I still fall about giggling with tears in my eyes EVERY TIME. Whoever made this is truly a master of this craft.

Again, this extra content is only available to the live listeners after the 2-hour show is over.

Anyway, as to the show itself - the last ABU! Takeover Show of the summer - it's now available for download below.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night. If you missed it then grab it now.

July 2011 Tracklisting:

01  Davy D - Keep Your Distance (aka Davy DMX from Davy's Ride 1987)
02  Dream Warriors - Wash Your Face In My Sink
03  Blade - The Comin' Is Near
04  Big Daddy Kane - The Wrath Of Kane
05  The 45 King - 900 Number
06  Ron B & The Step 2 Crew - Stitch By Stitch (dopeness from 1990)
07  David St George - Love Stimulation (Instrumental)
08  Jazzy Jay - Son Of Beat Street
09  Tuff Crew - Old School Jackin' (taken from DJ Too Tuff's Lost Archives album)
10  De La Soul - Attack Of The Stet (from a Nike mini EP)
11  Doug E Fresh - All The Way To Heaven
12  Cosby Rap - (found on a Mr T soundboard!)
13  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - He's The DJ & I'm The Rapper

Comedy Spot
14  Kevin & Perry - Manchester

15  Run DMC / Beastie Boys Show Promo
16  3rd Bass - Gladiator (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
17  Chris The Glove Taylor - Itchiban Scratch
18  PM Dawn - Ode To A Forgetful Mind (It's A Shame)

Roots Of The Roots
19   Captain Sensible - Wot (12" Mix)

20  Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest
21  MC Lyte - Stop Look Listen (taken from Eyes On This 1989)
22  Mantronix - Bassline

The Funk Trunk
23  The Meters - Sophisticated Cissy (Taken from The Meters 1969)
24  BDP - Essays On BDP-ism

Going Back To The Old School - Respect Your History 
 25  The Treacherous 3 - Feel The Heartbeat

26  Afrika Bambaataa - Renegades Of Funk (Zulu Funk Edit) Mix by DJ Wildthing
27  Eric & Rakim - Juice (Know The Ledge)

Download July's Disco Scratch Takeover Show Now

Remember, we're not on the air again 'til 29th September. 
Make sure you're locked into the Disco Scratch chatroom at 9pm!


Anonymous said...

looking fwd to hearing this, that track list got me.

ramses said...

Superb as ever Ben, particularly enjoyed that Stitch by Stitch track & some nice tinkering on Rainforest. Even Captain Sensible was strangely enjoyable. Extra points for the Run DMC/Beasties skit and the They Live sample! What documentary was that "I kill you man!" snippet from? I used to work in a record shop and the guy that I worked with brought in that documentary one day and for the next month that was the phrase of the moment; "Get me a cup of tea or I KILL YOU MAN", "file that CD under easy listening or I KILL YOU MAN". You get the gist. Thanks for the reminder!

REPO136 said...

Cheers Mark.
That Stitch by Stitch track was a very late addition to the show - in fact I took out another track to accommodate it - thanks to our mutual friends at OSHH. I hadn't heard that for years and just had to include it.

Yep, that's the only Capt Sensible track that ever gets play around my house ;-)

And of course I KNEW you'd recognise this month's cult movie snippet ...!

But Mark.....after reading your comment about the I KILL YOU MAN dialogue in the show I thought you were joking. Then realised that you weren't!
I'll give you a clue as to the name of the documentary. It's a cult classic usually spoken about in the same sentence as one might speak about Wild Style.....? Yes?
Mostly about graffiti writers?

ramses said...

Ah, I sense we're talking about Style Wars here. Well how about that - I have seen Style Wars after all. Thanks for not laughing too hard at my schoolboy error!

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