Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Carvelli - A Review

I just so happen to be in the mood for a bit of linguistic, lyric-licking and hark, someone appears to be knocking at my Venting Door Of Rant.

Recently, a "Harleen" from BMC Entertainment left a comment in this blog's 'Mouthpiece' chatbox asking me to review a song by the artist Carvelli.

Okay. Before I do that, Harleen,  I should first like to bring to your attention the sentence written above the chatbox.
It reads thus:

"..unless you are linking to sites that are beneficial to this blog's readership then they WILL BE DELETED. Or maybe I'll just take the mick out of you, spammy."

I assume that you will have read this first before leaving a link to the song in question? Or, heavens to Betsy, are you - in your capacity as an employee of BMC Entertainment - just mass-spamming blogs in the hope of someone actually liking the song?

Right, first things first.
Is this song "beneficial to this blog's readership"? Let's establish what this blog is and what it stands for shall we?
Ageing B-Boys Unite! is aimed at the more mature hip hop demographic who have a fondness for the old school and Golden Age. New music is strictly a no-no and rarely does anything get a mention here past 1994. And even then it is taken into a small, uncomfortable room and questioned at length.
You knew this though right, Harleen?

Therefore by realising the market and readership of this blog then you thought they would be the right kind of people who would enjoy Caravellio's music, yes? Because I assume that you will have done your research into where the best places are to promote your clients' work first, right?

I mean, these days promotion is a tough business and you have to plan correctly in order to get the best out of your business, don't you? I'm sure that you wouldn't dream of slapping every music blog with this link, would you? Would you??

Oh dear.

By spamming me and others do you think, Harleen, that this is the best possible solution in promoting your client?
Perhaps you didn't think that myself and others would wonder WHY you are asking us to listen to this particular song when it doesn't actually contain ANY of the attributes that us old school hip hoppers actually LOOK for in a song?

I can only assume then that you are hawking the song around in the desparate hope that someone, somewhere will actually like it and buy it. And you are in marketing/promotion?

If you had done your research properly then you would know that Ageing B-Boys Unite! is NOT the place for this sub-standard, clubby, un-hip hop song.
If you had looked at this blog properly then you would know that there is a chance that "maybe I'll just take the mick out of you, spammy."
In fact you have, with your shoddy actions, made we want to avoid all Caravanelli stuff in the future.

Look before you leap, Henry.

And for any spamming bots that look for emails to spam, here ya go. Eat em up, yum, yum


ramses said...

Feel better after that Ben?

REPO136 said...


You know sometimes when you've had a rough day and something comes along and tips you over just that little bit more?

To be fair Mark, if it wasn't that comment then it would've been something else like one of the kids leaving toys on the stairs, the lid left off the toothpaste or the coffee table coaster mats not being straight.



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