Friday, 13 July 2012

Baby Love RSC

We all remember the female member of Rock Steady Crew - b-girl, Baby Love. Yes?
I found these pics some time back but neglected to post them and am relieved to report that she hasn't turned into a munter as some ladies from the scene have sadly become.
I'd hate to see what Sparky D looks like now *shudder*

L-R: Candy, Beta, Baby Love

Look out. Duck-face...INCOMING!
L-R: Vicky, Lady Champ, Baby Love

Baby Love (real name Daisy Castro) is now approximately 43 years old and has settled in Atlanta with two kids.
There was once a rumour that she broke her neck and died whilst performing a headspin. Hmmmm.
For those inclined among you, her Facebook page is here.
I don't care what you think, I still reckon 'Hey You (The Rock Steady Crew)' is DOPE. Yeah, it has singing in the verses by the other members of the group which most certainly contains a high level of cheese but that's what gives it it's charm!

Also check this page for a great read of a reprinted magazine article about the RSC in 1984. I liked the quote from the disgruntled, classically-trained traditional dancer, Alexis, who says

"Breakers are taking jobs away form professional dancers. The trade journals Variety and Show Business, advertise for breakers to act in commercials, films, plays. We can't wait until the whole thing passes over.
I went to audition for a movie the other day, where there was a call for dancers. They (the breakers) took some of the spots away from us. I don' really resent it, though, because I know it's just a passing fad."

She was almost right. Commercially at least.


FeverPitch said...

Got any pictures of Ms Melodie?

Who Else? said...

Ms Melodie!!
Down, boy, DOWN!!

jim said...

no more ms melodie!

FeverPitch said...

Very sad news about a mum of only 43 years old. Thoughts to all that are close to Ms Melodie.

Mista WARZ!!! said...

I just happened across this old post and noticed that you mentioned "I'd hate to see what Sparky D looks like now *shudder*".

Well wonder no more, Reepz, old bean. Follow the link to see a recent Sparky D pic. All I can say is 'CHRIST on a bike'.

Repo said...

Ain't that the bird out of that comic strip in Viz? ;-)

Chris Hatley said...

gutted baby loves fb page redirects

Unknown said...

These people never hurt anybody. Not like the crap today. Guns, drugs, sex,is that all they can sing about these days. The crew runs rings around em. Kudos to the crew, and NYCB's

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