Sunday, 1 July 2012

Street Sounds 30th Anniversary Event / Crucial 4

Just been reading an email from Street Sounds about their forthcoming Anniversary event and I have to say that it does look good.

The proposed date is Saturday 17th November 2012 however the venue is not yet confirmed. As much as I enjoyed The Scala at last year's Reunion I would say that the sound system left much to be desired. Being primarily a music event this would certainly have to be high on the list of priorities to get right.

The acts confirmed so far are actually pretty on the money as far as you'd expect from the Street Sounds label. Fatback Band, Leroy Burgess, Shannon, Davy DMX, DJ Cheese and Chad Jackson are on the bill at the time of writing with many more to follow.
I would personally love to see Davy DMX performing The DMX Will Rock being that it is one of my favourite songs of the Mike Allen era. Also - and this is just between you and me - I've heard a rumour that Cheese and Chad will be attempting a recreation of the DJ battle from those series of albums (on Champion Records, I believe) that featured a top UK and a US dj on the B-sides. Remember them? I'm sure CJ Mackintosh and Jazzy Jeff were on one of them.

Also news of the frankly, quite exciting upcoming release of CRUCIAL 4. Check out the artwork and you could quite believe that this was actually a postponed release from the late 1980's. There's some superb choices on there, too. Check this out.

  • Awesome Foursome “Monster Beat”
  • Dynamic Duo feat. Shaquan “Knights Of The Turntable”
  • Disco Four “Get Busy”
  • The Egyptian Lover “My House On The Nile”
  • Divine Sounds “What People Do For Money”
  • Jamie Jupitor “Computer Power”
  • Papa Austin With The Great Peso “Wrong Girls To Play With”
  • Marley Marl feat. MC Shan “Marley Marl Scratch”
  • Shantelle “Love Attack”
  • The World Class Wreckin Cru “Surgery”

I wasn't that enthused with any of the recent Nu Electro albums and firmly believe that Electro should stay where it was. Sadly the music has evolved and the stylings of that genre cannot continue in this day and age. Ironic really when you think about how futuristic and space-age a lot of the songs were about.

Crucial 4 will be released at the end of this month on the 30th. It should be available on vinyl, too although as always with any current SS release it will be LIMITED EDITION. Please don't start me off with my feelings on Street Sounds' marketing as I am feeling quite calm and happy on this particular Sunday afternoon.
I will just say that I wish the company would just for once stick to their ethos of love for the fans and treat them like human beings by allowing them to buy the music as they wish without forcing them to purchase the goods for fear of - shock - missing out.


Anonymous said...

well,well,well!,morgan promised exclusive trax...this selection don't scare me none!..the "nu electro" lp's are wack!..chuck d is not electrofunk...never was!,if it wasn't for the FINGERPRINCE (not that twat from the usa,the ORIGINAL)!,the knights of the t/table,would NOT EVEN BE ON SO-CALLED "NU" ELECTRO 4!...(soz b,i gotta jump to your defence,as you got no love from mk,for all your legwerk)!,will these mixes have versions like mastermind used to do,or just the "any mug can mix like this style"?...the lp cover is nice,but those trax have already been mixed by herbie over 2 decades ago! off,comes to mind...

ramses said...

Got the selfsame email the other day. The anniversary party looks very interesting (although the proposed November date might be a tad close to Christmas for the Ramses wallet) and Crucial 4 looks awfully nice.

P.S. Am I the only nerd in the house who would love to know where the designers of the original Electro sleeves got their images from (the dials on the Crucial albums, the faces on Electro 5, the dancing people on Electro 3 etc?)

You're clever Repo - any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Its gotta be a rip off. Chronologically the tracks don't follow on from Crucial 3. It dont make sense.
Although, as the Nu Electo's suck, I am strangely drawn to it. Nostagia n all.

Looking fwd tot he show...


Repo said...

Hey D, 'sup!

As far as I know there's no natural follow-on with the tracks on the new Crucial. All they're doing this time is grabbing a load of tracks which never made it onto any of the original Electro volumes.

@Ramses - yes, the artwork matches perfectly on #4, doesn't it?

The Crucial covers were actually designed originally by the kid in The Lowdown (the one who sneezed in his Maths class and it sounded like a snare drum).
He was employed for Crucial 4 as a one-off only because he is mostly keeping himself busy by retrieving lobsters from Jayne Mansfield's bottom these days.

If that's not the truth then I'm out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. I thought I'd read that on the email from Streetsounds.

Jayne Mansfield? Really???
Lets hope his Lobster shenanigans dont feature on the cover of Crucial 5


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