Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Egyptian Lover making 'Egypt, Egypt'

This is a great little video of The Egyptian Lover in his studio showing us how he made his 1984 track, 'Egypt, Egypt'.
He talks us through the recognisable riff explaining that that was his attempt at a Planet Rock-esque synth line. But wait until he brings out the TR-808. Now I've got sound 808 files that I can throw into Logic and create the same beats but nothing can compare to the actual machine blasting out those rhythms.
A brief but very entertaining video.
Props go to Tommy over at Miscreant Productions as he posted this up the other day. And as he states, "File this under MUST WATCH", indeed.

Key Tracks: Egyptian Lover "Egypt, Egypt" from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.
Key Tracks is a new series presented by Red Bull Music Academy in which musical mavericks walk us through the making of their signature tunes. For this debut edition, we speak to the the king of the West Coast electro sound, Egyptian Lover, as he shows us the backstory – and the 808 beat – behind his 1984 classic "Egypt, Egypt".


ramses said...

I'm the Egyptian Lover SEXY SENOR - who knew? I always thought it was "I'm the Egyptian Lover, succeeds in love." Still can't make much of the next line though, sounds like "He's not just a man he's an elephant show."

Interesting to hear him mention the Prince Breathing on the song, I always assumed all that West Coast heavy breathing action was inspired by Tour De France.

Nice find sir.

jerry137 said...

Nice one !!!..I have this original 12" in my collection and was nice to see it done live.

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