Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Groove Records Tees - REPRINT

Those lovely folks at Style Warrior are producing a reprint of the famed Groove Records t-shirt that was on limited sale last year.
This time however there will be more choice. Various colours, sizes as well as the actual garment weight mean than you can just about customise your gear to how you want. And with the heavy snow battering down our doors you can also order this design as a frost-scaring hoody - practical as well as dope.

On a personal note, I only visited Groove a handful of times until it closed down and was pretty late to this particular party. The way I see it is that at least I actually was able to be a small part of this great piece of UK hip hop history.
One of the earliest times I went would've been around the time the BBC showed that legendary Westwood doc, Bad Meaning Good and I remember a small clip of the shop in the programme and thinking 'I've been there!'.
I bought a Grandmixer Dst 12" as well as the red bootleg (RPM Records) of Steinski's Lessons from there. And who remember's the printed list of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats album artists stuck on the front counter? I always tried to memorize as many as I could as they were my holy grail!

I've since put up pictures of what Groove Records has now become and it's pretty sad.

You have until Sunday February 17th to pre-order as this, like all Style Warrior goods, is a limited edition.
Check the website for full details and ordering options.

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