Thursday, 18 April 2013

Download the ABU Funk Special Podcast (March 2013 #29)

The latest ABU podcast is here. As you may know it is a pure funk and breaks special this month, but with a hint of hip hop added to make that recipe even more spicy.
Apologies for the lateness of posting this but in this topsy-turvy, social media world I am finding myself posting more over on the Official ABU Facebook page - in fact this show was posted the next day after it was aired.
If you haven't signed up for the all-powerful behemoth that is Facebook then I heartily advise you to do so. Whilst there you can mingle with all the rest of the crew and bump into the Disco Scratch contingent. Not to mention such esteemed stars of the scene such as Patti Astor from Wild Style, Crazy Legs out of Rock Steady Crew, Globe of The Soulsonic Force and many others.
To go there, click HERE.

Here's the Funk Special:!_Podcast_-_ABU!_DS_Takeover_Show_%28DSR115%29_March_2013.mp3


Repo said...


Special thanks to Met, L'il Frog & Hayhooooe for the help this month!

01 Rueben Wilson - Inner City Blues
02 Consumer Rapport - Go On With Your Bad Self (1975)
03 Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz (1975)
04 The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost (1978)
05 James Brown - Escape-ism (1971)
06 Afrique - House Of Rising Funk (1973)
07 Lightnin' Rod - Sport (1973)
08 The 24 Carat Black - Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth (1973)
09 Eric B. & Rakim - In the Ghetto (1990)
10 David Matthews - Sandworms (Dune 1977)
11 David McCullum -The Edge (1967)
12 Pearly Queen - Quit Jivin' (1974)
13 Andre Previn - Executive Party (from Rollerball 1975)
14 Alan Hawkshaw - Blarney's Stoned (1972)
15 Nick Ingman - Tense Preparation (1972)
16 Synthesonic Sounds - House Of The Rising Sun (1973)
17 02 - Jean Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (1970)
18 Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep (Step In The Arena 1990)
19 Cat Stevens - Was Dog A Doughnut (1977)
20 Keith Mansfield - Teenage Chase (1969)
21 Krug Manfred - Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt (1976)
22 Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (1973)
23 Cookie Crew - Born This Way (1989)
24 87th Off Broadway - Moving Woman
25 Sweet Linda Divine - I'll Say It Again (1970)
26 The Chocolate Jam Co. - Chocolate Jam (1979)
27 Archie Bell & The Drells – I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (1979)
28 Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here (1974)
29 Seals And Crofts - Sweet Green Fields (1976)
30 Tom Scott - Today (1967)
31 King Curtis - Instant Groove (1969)
32 The Politicians - Free Your Mind (1972)
33 Dennis Coffey - Getting It On (1974)
34 Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street (1972)
35 Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1970)

ramses said...

Glorious stuff Mr Repo, nice mix of the obscure and the not-so-obscure (i.e. songs I've heard before). Very much enjoyed the Death Mix tribute - although I would have liked to hear more of Chocolate Jam, always loved that break - and the beats on Quit Jivin' were very lovely indeed. Also enjoyed the Black Sheep break, I still get a little tingle when I hear a sample in its original surroundings. And is there ever a wrong time to hear The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? I think not. "Lovely stuff."

Repo said...

My 'Podcast Barometer' has spoken! Nice one Ramses, sir.
Indeed, 'The Revolution...' is just SUCH a good tune.
I had a great time compiling this one and had so much to cram in that I'm going to have to do another Funk Special at some point.

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