Saturday, 20 April 2013

ABU is 5! / Style Wars OST - Re-jigged

Well whaddyaknow, the ABU! blog is 5 years old this month. In fact it's THIS weekend.
Thanks to anyone who has stuck through from the beginning where there were some truly dodgy logo designs as well as strange posts.
You may remember that I used to post a lot of albums for download. Ahh, yes those rose-tinted, hazy, halcyon days of yesteryear.. until the DMCA slapped a warning on me - over a Mike Allen show, would you believe.

Well, in a throwback to my first ever post - and the fact that 'Scooter' was asking for a re-up of it - I've given my Style Wars compilation a face-lift (now in it's 3rd version) - mostly cosmetic, smidged the front cover a bit and added a back cover with listing.
I also swapped Beat Bop for a version that DOESN'T have my blatant advertising on the intro - apologies if you, like me, hated this. I really don't know why I thought it was a good idea back when I first compiled the soundtrack in 2010. Plus the fact that to alter this track in any way whatsoever is tantamount to treason. Listen to the full 10mins and 7secs in pure, untouched pleasure.

Thanks again for the support and who knows, I might do something really special for the the 10-year anniversary.




Anonymous said...

anyone for a megamix?


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, forgot, although I have made reference elsewhere, happy fkin birthday, heres to much more of this...thanks


randomrapradiodotcom said...

I was listenin to the dialogue on the walkman recently and just enjoyed it so much.

Now back to the soundtrack !!!

I know this is ancient, but so what, its dope, and were all ancient right ?

Thanks again for this Repo

Anonymous said...

If you moderate like a mofo hows about you upload a zipfile which isn't riddled with so many different viruses that Kool Moe D would have to go see the doctor?


Repo said...

Mr/Mrs "G",

I'll have you know that all links uploaded by the ABU Management are posted with the highest care, trust and love to the filesharing companies selected by us.

However, we are not without remorse on this occasion as this may or may not be the first time this type of complaint has raised it's ugly head.
There was an instance in which one happy downloader reported his laptop 'going spazzy' (my words, not his) due to some uncalled-for shenanigans being unleashed in a full-on Ghostbusters, final-half-hour, Zuul, Gatekeeper, Keymaster, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, don't cross the streams-type scenario being played out in front of him.

So in short, soz.
Enable every last virus-capturing and torturing app you have installed before le clicky. Or buy a Mac, they're great and nooooooobody can be bothered to hack a Mac's security system and search for any 'backdoors' to exploit (f'narr, f'narr).
What? They have?
Well that's me buggered, too.

(You can treat me like a Buddha, and bow ya head)

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