Thursday, 2 May 2013

Style Warrior - On Manoeuvres!

So, you wanna be walking down the block with the fresh, fly threads?

Style Warrior are getting busy with a couple of new t-shirt designs lately.
As always, you need to pre-order your item first - and you only have a limited time to do this because after that, they're gone.
Check these out........

First up is a nod to the UK writers of yesteryear.
If you used to grab a can of steel and let Michelangelo's soul control your hand then you may well be familiar with the name 'Car Plan'.
This was a choice brand of paint amongst the UK heads and is a great nod to the times. Think 'Halfords', 'baggy trousers', 'cold metal on legs' and 'LEGGIT!'.

Next up is an homage to London's EZQ aka Derek B. Available to buy as either a tee or hoody, this is a great simple design of the man from his Bullet From A Gun days.
LG, who runs Style Warrior, is completely legit and above board with his designs and regular customers will know that the quality is second-to-none and attention to detail is impeccable.
This is not some knock-off merchant that trades exclusively on eBay - have you seen those wick-wick-wack Hijack tees on there?? - but someone who has 'been there, done that' and still actively participates in the UK scene.
50% of the profits from the Derek B shirt will go to Derek's family. What's right's right.

The Car Plan shirt is available to purchase until May 12th, with the Derek B shirt / Hoody available for one week longer on the 19th.

They are available in a wealth of sizes from skinny minny to fatty-fat-fat*
Go straight here for all the details on how to order.

*not actual sizing options

"Lousy SPIT. Writes his name on EVERYTHING!"

Also, get over to the site and vote with your clicky mouse-fingers on this design as I personally think it's a dope as soap-on-a-rope.

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