Friday, 10 May 2013

ABU 'Stand-In' Show on Disco Scratch Radio

Last night I did an impromptu show that those of you who are regular Disco Scratch Radio listeners may have heard.
DSR honcho, Waxer is currently in the process of moving house - what is that statistic..? Moving house being one of the top stressful tasks in life? - and thus did not have the time (or working equipment) to do his regular show.
I volunteered to do a live broadcast to bridge the gap. It was a literally unplanned playlist and I bunged in loads of early 90's stuff as well as some trippy funk and a smidge of Electro bits.

This was the very first LIVE show as previously all the ABU shows have been pre-records. It was certainly a very fun experience and I appreciate the work that Waxer does now having done it myself.
Big shout to everyone who was locked in, the chat was great again. Respect to whoever cleverly changed the title of a certain Pumpkin track I played as it seemed to fit more perfectly - King Of The Pizza - and made me laugh, excessively and without the help of beer.

Two things though I have written a mental note of; plan my set, and turn the microphone up louder.

I'll be doing another one next week I think so try and tune in if you can.

Here is the link to the full show:


noe madStyleVandals said...

I'll never listen to King Of The Pizza the same way again LMAO.

Thanks bro :-)

Phil PieNears said...

welcome to the world of live radio

Repo said...

I think I prefer live to pre-record....

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