Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Norwich By Nature

This is the official video of Chrome & Illinspired's latest physical release 45 'You Should Know' which was released late summer last year. It's still available on Bandcamp but as far as I'm aware all vinyl is sold out - and so it should be, this track is a fackin' monster.

I'm totally biased of course, although if I didn't personally know the lads then I would still rate their music because they make proper 'boom-bap', 'live breaks' whatever you want to call it. Real breakbeats, proper scratching and heavy but on-point vocal deliveries from them both.

Filmed totally in Norwich over the course of a few weeks at various hip hop events by AboveGroundMedia this should hopefully give you a nice flavour of All C 'n' I (see what they did there?).
I'm in there if you watch very closely but obviously my wicked b-boying (cough) got left on the cutting room floor. I think not.

So if you liked that then check this video out below. It's the lads again doing some support last year when Ultramagnetic MC's visited the city.
I won't keep singing their praises because I'm sure I'm just annoying you but you should really have a look as their routine will make you smile.
Thanks to JEDIWNE for the footage on this.

"Norwich By Nature" - ©Sizzle & Bit

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