Thursday, 2 January 2014

ABU Takeover Show - ABU Album Launch - TONITE!

As posted previously on the blog, the ABU Album is now seemingly almost complete and will finally get it's first airing TONIGHT (with all things going to plan, technically-speaking) over on the ABU radio channel at 9pm on 'Disco Scratch Thursday'.
It was of course all supposed to happen on Boxing Day but alas, it was not to be - a combo of Norman, otters and general bastodry deemed it necessary to jinx the whole kit and caboodle.

Tonight's show will be all the way LIVE like Memorex. There are some absolute stonking pieces of work as well as a few exclusives coming your way tonight and I'm super-amped about playing them for you.

Kicking off from 9pm, get in the chatroom and talk to other like-minded people. If you've submitted a track then you'll definitely want to hear the buzz when it gets played.

To all listeners, contributors, readers and haters of ABU, I will always appreciate your great support that you have shown and hope it will continue to infinity and beyond.....
Happy 2014!



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