Saturday, 1 February 2014

ABU Podcast - January 2014 LISTEN!

The first ABU Show of the year went out on Thursday and seemed to go down well. It was a return to the Podcasts of olde with everything pre-recorded.

I'm now using Mixlr to broadcast with which is so simple to use it's almost unreal. And (touch wood) very reliable.
This month's featured DJ track is Check Dis Out by Kiss FM's Richie Rich. I was heavily influenced as far as my scratching goes by Richie without really knowing it at the time. Just as good is My DJ (Pump It Up Some) actually.

The library funk continues with a beauty from Alan Tew (taken from The Hanged Man) which apparently was a British television drama from the 1970's and a couple of Klaus Weiss tracks (both from 1979's Sound Music Album 18)

I've been listening to The Beastie Boys' To The Five Boroughs album lately and I really had forgotten how great it is. Strangely for my tastes, this album without that many breaks is a real keeper. The beats are mainly a funky form of EDM but trust me it does work. Ever noticed how the 'Boys have kept that same rhyme pattern and style throughout their career? Absolutely nothing wrong with that so no need to change it I always thought.
There's two BB songs included in the show, a slice of favoritism but well-deserved.

There's a 30-minute blaxploitation/funk mix by Rchecka that I included. This is about ten years old and is a very personal favourite of mine. This is just the first part and Rchecka has a concluding part to go with it which I may very well put in the next show.

All this plus some funny bits and some retro pop. What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

Here's the link with the full tracklisting.....!_Podcast_-_ABU!_DS_Takeover_Show_Jan_2014.mp3

Show #38 ABU Podcast Jan 2014

01  Alan Tew - Contract Man (from the soundtrack of The Hanged Man)
02  Beastie Boys - The Brouhaha
03  Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (Stay Faithful "Churban" Mix)
04  Resident Alien - Ooh, The Dew Doo Man
05  Demon Boyz - Vibes (Spatts Remix)
06  Kool G Rap - Ill Street Blues
07  Klaus Weiss - Present News 
08  Cassetteboy Vs David Attenburgh
09  3rd Bass - Sons Of 3rd Bass

DJ Track Of The Month
10  Richie Rich - Check Dis Out

11  Klaus Weiss - Measure 2
12  R-Checka - Dumpster Funk Mix (part 1)
13  The Organization - Big Beat
14  12-41 - Succe$$ Is The Word (Success Version)
15  Det Reirruc – Axel F (Club Version)
16  Dumbo (Old Nick 'Super Elephant Fly' Mix)
17  Birds and the Bees (from the album 'Snaps' featuring Coolio & Biz Markie)
19  Kenny Dope - Get On Down
20  Beastie Boys - Hey Fuck You
21  MC Shan - The Bridge
22  The Alkaholiks - Make Room
23  T La Rock - He's Incredible

Roots of the Roots
24  The Human League -The Sound Of The Crowd
25  Toots and Maytals - Pressure Drop

26  Run DMC - Here We Go (Live At the Funhouse)
27  2 Live Crew - Trow The D
28  Eric B & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke

N.b. The funky soul and breaks mix by Rchecka is available to download from here.

Dumpster Funk - Part 1

01 Intro/Harlem Underground Band - Ain’t No Sunshine
02 Harlem River Drive - Harlem River Drive
03 Johnny Pate - End Theme
04 Blackbyrds - Love Is Love
05 Young-Holt Unlimited - Soulful Strut
06 JB's - Hot Pants Road
07 Kool And The Gang - Funky Man (Live At The Sex Machine)
08 The Dakaris - Super Afro-Beat
09 First Choice - Love Thang
10 Gaz - Sing Sing
11 Rhythm Heritage - Theme From S.W.A.T

p.s. I meant to put out a reminder of the show on Thursday but for some reason it didn't show up on the blog so apologies if you missed it live. But then, you should KNOW it's ABU every LAST Thursday of the month already, right?!


ramses said...

Funtastic show that man. Nice to hear more of that library magic, I've just started getting into Mr Alan Tew via the Black Dynamite soundtrack and that Present News track was very tasty, like a pear cider that's made from 100% pear.

Certainly need to get my Beasties knowledge up to date as the two tunes played here were extra large.

Personally I think Here We Go was recorded live, but I've always wanted to hear more of that show - surely they didn't lug all that recording equipment along just to record one song? What else did they perform? Who else was on the bill? Etc?

Oh and please don't play 12:41 any more, I've really gone off it in recent years. Just saying.

Repo said...

Well, I knew the library funk would reach you in good spirits, Ramses. I haven't yet seen that Black Dynamite. Is that the modern day Blaxploitation made to look like a 70's flick?

Great point about Here We Go. That's right, there has just got to be tracks recorded at that session and I'd love to hear them.

You're going to wish you never said that about 12:41. Just saying.......!

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