Wednesday, 26 February 2014

........and relax.

So I had my spazz-out, hissy-fit the other day. I wasn't looking for tea and sympathy but rather just having a moan.
However I want to say a big thank you and a big homeboy dap to every one of you that continues to follow the ABU blog. It really does means a lot.
Now that's behind me I am continuing on with a vengeance. I'm really making it a point to keep things ticking over here as Facebook, as wonderful as it can be, is a drain on my creative juice and can make me incredibly lazy; ie. just copy the URL of a video or article, paste it into the ABU Facebook page and boom, it's done.

I've got a few ideas coming up which will remain hush, hush for the time being.
The ABU Takeover Radio Show is almost upon us - tomorrow in fact - and I will be doing it in two halves. The first hour shall be a few new hip hop joints with plenty of classics while the second half I have decided to make all funky with soundtracks, breaks and bits, bobs, y'know...doo-dads.
And I'll be presenting live. Plus I'm on a stinking juice diet at the moment so I may spazz out live on air. It's all good.
It's now on my new Mixlr page and starts at 9pm. The chatroom is in the usual place so please do come and join in. There's been some odd characters lately in the chat, one of the best was 'DJ Wozza' who came across like an 11-year old but was actually 27. Great chunks of spam were posted from the lad and he was brilliantly put in his place by the regulars.

Cheers all,

Chief Rocker Reepz

Oh yeah, do I hear an Amen and a 'rewind' for Success Is The Word? Mr Ramses...early BDP, sampled beatbox, Mantronik production... what's NOT to like! ;-)

1 comment:

ramses said...

Well yes, when you put it like that then "what's not to like" indeed. Except that I don't like it. And I don't really know why.

I'll tell you another track that I dislike for no particular reason; Pump That Bass. Don't know why, I just don't. I'm complicated like that.

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