Saturday, 1 March 2014

Run DMC - The Funhouse Investigation Begins

 Okay, so long-term follower Ramses mentioned something in the Comments recently referring to when I dropped Run DMC's live track Here We Go (which was recorded live at the Funhouse, August 5th 1983) on the January ABU show.
He was wondering if there were any more tracks recorded rather than just this one. Also were there any more acts that night? There must be more to this.
This had been running through my mind all week and today I mentioned it on the ABU Facebook page. Patti A saw this and mentioned it on her Facebook page and so far there have been many responses to it so you never know, we may get a definitive answer.
She also posted this link here about the track which I found interesting as I've always noticed Jay's little slip-up whenever I hear it and marvel at how the crew keep things on time regardless.

If Patti is on your Friends list then click here to read the post.

And thanks again Ramses for such a great head-scratcher.

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