Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ultimate Breaks & Beats COMPLETE Listing

One of the cornerstones of hip hop is the 'break', right? I'm hoping that the majority of you will have heard of the Ultimate Breaks And Beat series of funk breakbeats that were realised towards the mid/late 80's to early 90's.
For those that are uninitiated these albums were compilations of the original breaks that were used right back from the block parties with all the classic songs such as Apache, Champ, Funky Drummer, Big Beat, It's Just Begun and so many others. However what the album covers didn't do was state who the artist and but instead just credited the songwriters.
These albums were the bible in a time when many producers and dj's couldn't get hold of the original recordings and were also plundered by many hip hop artists whenever they were released.

The following screenshots were taken from a now defunct website that I used to visit. Unfortunately it was hosted on Yahoo Geocities which sadly became inoperable a few years back. Luckily I managed to grab these before it went.
If you were responsible for all the work that went into this site then I truly salute you as I learned a lot from it. As well as the UBB series there were also listings for Dusty Fingers and Strictly Breaks and others which I didn't manage to cop.

If you liked this have you seen this post which reveals which year had the most breaks, according to UBB.

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