Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hip Hop Family Tree...again

My bookshelf with some of my favourites
You may remember I wrote a post recently (April 2014) about the great Hip Hop Family Tree comic book/strip by artist Ed Piskor. Well I finally bought a copy of Volume 1 ("1970's - 1981") and was mightily impressed. Not least of all by the girth.
 I mentioned it on Twitter as you can see above and had a chinwag with Ed, who mentioned - when seeing my copy of The Wild Style Sampler book in the photo - that had he owned a copy himself at the time then Volume 2 may have been devoted solely to the movie. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing...!
It goes nicely with my treasured Ed-inked Wild Style mini-comic that Patti 'A' sent to me at Christmas, too.
Trumpet-blowing from Reeps? Damn straight. I don't get a lot of opportunity these days so I'm taking full advantage!

This is a fully-endorsed ABU recommendation. Get your copy when you can.

Hip Hop Family Tree Book 1: 1970s-1981 (Paperback)
Amazon UK - Out of stock at present
Amazon US - I gots mine from here

Hip Hop Family Tree Book 2: 1981-1983 (Vol. 2) (Paperback) - COMING SOON
Hive.co.uk -  released 21st August 2014 - 14.37
Amazon UK - released Sept 7th 2014 - £17.52
Amazon US - released Sept 7th 2014 - $20.51

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