Monday, 7 July 2014

Repo's Ebay Corner

Sorry if the above post title led you to believe that I'm selling my own stuff but I'm not. Been there, done that, sold the t-shirt, wished I hadn't and regretted it ever since.

Y'know, eBay can sometimes turn up some really rare treasures or forgotten gems every once in a while. Of course, the flip to this is that you have to really dig as there is a load of old tat in there, too.

Item 1- Adidas Run DMC T-Shirt

This Run DMC t-shirt was brought to my attention by Dayle 'Boogie Down Under' Dickson which as you can see is hardly box fresh however the Seller states is a "Collectors edition" with "no stains". So that's alright then.
A hefty Buy It Now awaits your Paypal account to the tune of $750 (£437 approx).

eBay Link

Item 2 - Doug E Fresh Interview/Concert 1985 Capital Radio

Mike Allen fans take note.
This is a tape of a Mike Allen show - well, I'm assuming so as the description states "1985 CAPITAL RADIO" and I don't think anyone else except Mike would've broadcast this on Capital at that time.
The headline of "OFF AIR TAPE" makes me wonder if it is a special not-for-broadcast recording but then the Seller's admission of "I RECORDED THIS AROUND 30 YEARS AGO" (he does sound a bit angry what with the Caps Lock and all) suggests not.
Worth a punt?
Yours for the princely sum of just £4.00 + £1.24 P&P.

eBay Link

More soon.....

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