Friday, 1 August 2014

Mike Allen Special on 1Xtra (2005) RE-UP

My old Mike postcard
I received an email from Simon recently who was looking for the great Mike Allen 'comeback' show he did on BBC's 1Extra station almost TEN YEARS AGO.

I originally posted this back in 2008 but has since disappeared like a lot of good stuff does in these internetz. So I've re-upped it especially for Simon and also for anyone who hasn't yet heard it.

My mind being the rusty old shadow of what it once was means that I have forgotten a lot of it myself so I shall be giving it the once-over again just to refresh the noggin.

Here's the new link.

Big shout again to fatlaces71 who originally passed me the link 6 years ago.


Old Man Repo


war061172 said...

hi ben...just listened to the mike allen special...great stuff!...he always used to remind me of the dj alan

warlord signing off!...peace!

n0e MadStyleVandals said...

Thanks for the up :)

Repo said...

Hey Warlord!
Yes he certainly came from that same school of dj-ing. The always-upbeat demeanor even in the face of crisis, never losing your cool. Great man.

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