Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wild Style Breakbeats 7" Kay-Dee Records

The 45 revival continues in brisk fashion within hip hop with this brand-new release from Kenny Dope's Kay-Dee Records.

A beautifully-packaged bunch of 7" vinyl - seven copies - housed in a 7" book from the classic Wild Style movie containing rare photos and text from director Charlie Ahearn is on pre-order right now.
You might be mistaken for just thinking that this is just another rehash of what is already available. You'd be nearly correct in that assumption. However these are specially-extended versions of all the original breaks created for the film with Lenny Ferrari and Chris Stein respectively on drums and bass. The beats have been freaked with by the magnificent Kenny Dope (Masters At Work) to made them feel bigger with extended intros and edits.

As I said it does look mightily impressive and of course is a must for any old school collector. However as you might expect it has a bit of a price - around the £60 mark.

The book features the following elements:
- 13 songs total, spread out over seven 45s(each with a different label color)
– Re-edited and Re-Eqed extended audio versions of each song, from original reels
– Extensive liner notes in a 28-page book, including dozens of images – from “Wild Style” director Charlie Ahearn, among other sources – as well as interviews with Fab 5 Freddy, Chris Stein and GrandWizzard Theodore
– The 14th side (the B-side of the seventh 45) features unique etchings with different “Wild Style” graphics
– Unique “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging – all seven 7-inches fit into a book as self-contained pages

Purchase now at Juno Records online.

Props to Jamez for spotting this.

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Anonymous said...

Cheaper here.....
Nice blog btw. : )

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