Sunday, 14 December 2014

Know Your History!

Imagine the possibilities if hip hop never had it's massive jump-start during this event in NYC.....


Anonymous said...

The blackout of '77 featured as a level on the 'Rockstar' game 'The Warriors' from a few years back. A nice little reference to an Hip Hop Historical event featured in a mediocre homage to a great film.

Peace, The Gooseman. XXXX

Repo said...

Great spot, Gooseman.
I remember that level but I have to disagree. I thought the Rockstar version of the game was a masterpiece with its' gripping backstory and excellent immersive gameplay.

I also liked the cheeky graffiti levels, too. And the soundtrack was top-notch as well. A pity it's not available for PS3.

Anonymous said...

The game was full of silly bugs that should've been ironed out before release Laggy camera angles,
The 'Streets Of Rage' style bonus game didn't even have an ending and don't get me started on the crappy 2-player physics.

Don't get me wrong Repo, I actually am a fan of the game and maybe 'mediocre' was to harsh a label.

Rockstar managed to capture the atmosphere and vibe of'The Warriors' brilliantly,for the most part the gameplay and side quests were fun. Heck, who doesn't enjoy rumbling with legions of Baseball Furies?
In fact, I may have to give it another whirl.

The Gooseman.

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