Sunday, 14 December 2014

Street Sounds and Morgan Khan 1986 ITV Documentary with Hugh Laurie

1986 TV documentary about UK Soul and Electro Hip Hop Dance Music label Street Sounds and its' owner Morgan Khan, hosted by Hugh Laurie (!).
Includes tour of London dance music vinyl record shops, the Limelight Club, the Streetsounds Office in Ealing, West London and more!
This is a great piece of UK history. Worth the admission alone just for the scene of Morgan singing his little heart out with a Sinatra standard or Hugh Laurie and some Jesuit priests enjoying hardcore hip hop in a West End club.


Anonymous said...

Hey yo, didn't you guys have a Facebook page/group? What's it called, I can't find the link on your site?


Repo said...

There's a new Group page but strictly invite-only. Can't be too careful after the events of a few weeks ago.....
Were you in the group previously?

BEmery said...

Yo Repo, Brian Emery here! Trying to jump back onto the Facebook page man, what's happening?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I don't think I was a member before, just used to drop by here and there and found some interesting stuff. I'm not a big FB user, so don't worry about signing me up.


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