Saturday, 30 May 2015

Record Review: Whirlwind D - B-Line Business/Battle Tip 2015 (TTR008)

To an outsider dipping their toes into the tentative waters of UK hip hop, they may be forgiven for thinking that B-Line Recordings are the be all and end all of the scene. However after a brief sampling of their output you may see that this is indeed the case. In only three short years since their initial 7" (Agent Finch & Specifik - I Remember When) they have shown a real consistence in heavyweight material.
One of the stalwarts of the B-Line ranch is the ever-reliable Whirlwind D who returns in 2015 after last year's Time Waits For No Man single release.
Teaming up with Specifik on production, the new cut is B-Line Business with its title leaving you in no doubt to D's allegiance. Clean, sharp drums and a jazzy bassline kick off the song which made me immediately think of the dvd menu screen music for Guy Ritchie's Snatch film.
The song describes a day in the life of D meeting up and throwing down with the label regulars and namechecks pretty much everyone including DJ JabbaThaKut who takes turntable duties this time around.
I've said it many times before and it's very simple but Hip Hop 101 demands that you NEED to have a scratched chorus. It's an unwritten rule and fortunately B-Line adhere to it splendidly so it's with thanks that Jabba does his thing here.

Being that this is the A-side there is an official video shot in a marvelously intimate-looking club with D on the mic whilst Second To None and various other heads bob around.

The flip features a wonderfully moody, dark and atmospheric remix of Solid n Mind's Battle-Tipped Rhyme ("Battle Tip 2015") produced by Waxer of Disco Scratch.
Featuring a cracking break which is always the basis of a good tune - get the drums right and everything else sounds dope with them - Whirlwind D rides the rhythm while Waxer's production takes Johnny F's work in a different direction.

Completing the package is photography by Missing Stewart and artwork by Mr Krum - I really like the new official Whirlwind D logo.

Available on Tru-Tone Records/B Line Recordings now over at: and on most digital formats including Itunes, Spotify and Juno.

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Directed, filmed and edited by ©I Shot Hip Hop 2015

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