Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Aitch-Ski Designs

I thought it was about time to put the spotlight on a good friend of mine from Facebook.
AITCH-SKI has been producing some particularly fresh visuals and they really do look good.

ABU in solid silver.

I think what happened here is that Aitch-Ski made a comment on a Facebook post and I joked that he should make the 2-word phrase he'd come with into a logo.....!

The classic Cutting Records record label. This was all done from scratch - not a scan.
Even Aldo Marin (the creator of Cutting Records) gave props!

The work-in-progress....technical shizz.

Variations on a theme. Using the classic old school font.

Again, all done from scratch but you wouldn't know, would you? This is just plain dope.


Patti Astor said...

Big Props to "Aitch-Ski" I love my Custom "Old School Club" Patch! XX Patti "A"

Stesski 1 said...

Much respect REPO for posting these on your dope blog!!I will be working on more labels too, all editable too. Top man you are, AITCH-SKI

Stesski 1 said...

Nice one Patti ��

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