Monday, 21 March 2016

Style Warrior - New Wild Style ZORO Garms

Vote now for Wild Style Zoro!

The latest design from UK hip hop design powerhouse, Style Warrior is an homage to ZORO's (LEE) tag on Z-ROC's (ZEPHYR) back executed while he was snoozing on the train yard.
With the classic Wild Style tag on the front breast pocket and 'Z' on the back over a denim-blue coloured tee (or hoody) this does look fantastic.

Regular visitors to this blog will already know how good the quality of a Style Warrior product is and so I won't preach to the converted.
However, this not a done deal. If you are interested in grabbing one of these (either a tee or hoody) then you will need to VOTE for it in order for the printing process to go ahead which hopefully will be only next month.

Go on. Be like Chico. He'd paint three murals for some of this.


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