Saturday, 2 April 2016

Download The ABU Podcast with DJ FORMAT

The chatroom was crack-a-lackin', everybody was breakin', the highs were kickin' and the place was shakin' as this month's ABU! Podcast finally hit the airwaves last Thursday evening. If you missed it on need that all-important reeeeewind then here ya go, Swivel-Hips.

DJ Format was an absolute joy to speak to and answered everything I had in much more detail than I even anticipated. If you're not too clued-up on this Brighton resident - who has undeniably more DJ skills than fellow neighbour, Fatboy Slim - then take note.

In the spirit of the British tabloids' showbiz section, here are 20 fun facts that you never knew about Format!*
May not actually be 20.
May also be slightly fabricated.

1. DJ Format's real name is Matt Ford which is almost the same thing! Amazing!
2. He was born in Southampton but his love of nude sunbathing led him to reside within the plentiful, naked-friendly beaches of sunny Brighton. Brilliant!
3. He contributed to the ground-breaking turntablism series, The Return Of The DJ with the cut 'n' paste track, Vinyl Overdose for volume 2 in 1997. Breathtaking!
4. Due to a lifetime of working out BPMs whilst DJ-ing, Format can no longer count higher than the number '8' and therefore needs a calculator on his person at all times. Astonishing!
5. He opened for DJ Shadow during his nationwide tour of the UK in 2002. However Shadow stole all the blue Smarties from Format's dressing room whilst in Skegness and sadly now the pair only communicate to each other via hidden messages in The Times crossword. Startling!
6. Format has worked with a host of US MCs such as Abdominal, Sureshot La Rock, Edan and Chali 2na and Akil of Jurassic 5. Mind-blowing!
7. Whilst Format continues to makes 'new' music he also reaches back into the past and dips from hip hop's rich musical history creating a sound fondly referred to as 'Throwback Rap'. Stupendous!
8. A keen beatboxer, Format perfected his craft during his nightshifts at Southampton's oldest retailer, 'Carpets, Carpets, Carpets' where he would provide a percussive backing to the Radio 4 Shipping Forecast. Awesome!

A big shout to Dan at xx for his help and please check out this link to win tickets to see DJ Format spinning at the Funk The Family Festival 28th May.

Tracklisting below:

01  Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett - Oddball (Synthesizer And Percussion, 1974)
02  DJ Format - B-Boy Code, Pt. 2 (Ft. Fatski) (Music for the Mature B-Boy, 2003)
03  DJ Format - Stealin James Part 1 (12", 2007)
04  Audio Two - Top Billin' (instrumental) (What More Can I Say?, 1988)
05  Jacek Lech & Piotr Figiel Ensemble - Miłość Niekochana (Bądź Szczęśliwa, 1974)
06  2 Live Crew - Trow The D (2 Live Is What We Are, 1986)
07  Simon Harris - 100BPM (808) (Beats, Breaks & Scratches Vol 01, 1987)
08  Demon Boyz - Northside (Recognition, 1988)
09  DJ Format - Horse Power (Statement Of Intent, 2012)
10  DJ Shadow - Lesson 4 (B-side to Lifers Group‎ - Real Deal 12", 1991)
11  Beyond There - The Positive Step (The Return Of The DJ Vol 2, 1997)
12  EPMD - D.J. K La Boss (Strictly Business, 1988)
13  DJ Format - Kool Is Back (7", 2015)
14  DJ Format - The Turning Point (If You Can't Join 'Em...Beat 'Em, 2005)
15  Claude Denjean - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Moog! Moog! Claude Denjean and the Moog Synthesizer, 1970)
16  James Brown & The Famous Flames - Bring It Up (The Unbeatable James Brown, 1967)
17  DJ Format - Here Comes the Fuzz (Music for the Mature B-Boy, 2003)
18  Big Jullien and His All Star - Talk (Riviera Sound N° 1, 1970)
19  DJ Format - The Long Goodbye (feat. The Nostalgia 77 Quintet) (Statement Of Intent, 2012)
20  DJ Format - Mayor Of A Ghost Town (Statement Of Intent, 2012)
21  DJ Format - Spaceship Earth (feat. Edan) (Statement Of Intent, 2012)
22  Malta Bums - Mister DJ (7", 1973)
23  DJ Format - Vinyl Overdose (The Return Of The DJ Vol 2, 1997)
24  DJ Jeff - Change the Scratch (The Return Of The DJ Vol 2, 1997)
25  DJ Format -  Kool & The Gangstarr Generation (7", 2015)
26  The Simonsound - Baker's Dozen (Reverse Engineering, 2010)
27  The Simonsound - It's Just Begun (Reverse Engineering, 2010)
28  Virgin Stigma - Now You're Gone (I'm a Man) Groupie Girl OST Polydor (1970)
29  Drugs Beats - The Worm (House Shoes & Street Corner Music Present: The Gift Vol. 10, 2015)
29  Mr. DJ (feat. Sureshot La Rock) (Statement Of Intent, 2012)

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