Thursday, 7 April 2016

East Meets West!

A to the muthaf**kin' D!

Today our Oz fam and ultimate Wild Style enthusiast, Boogie Down Under's Dayle met the Queen herself, Patti 'A' in person.
He's currently on his family vacation and managed to slip over to Cali en route from San Diego to meet up with Patti.
Pictured above wearing homemade tees (made by Dayle) in that classic old hip hop typeface. Dope!

If you are on Facebook you may wish to view Dayle's group, The Wild Style Vault which is filled with collectors' items and rare artifacts from the film.

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Patti Astor said...

Meeting The Melbourne Wonder from the Boogie Down Under was very special. I want to pay respect to Repo 136 "Ageing B-Boys Unite" and Waxer Disco Scratch of "Disco Scratch Radio" for bringing us together and really pioneering the spread of UK Hip Hop Culture worldwide.
Next Stop The Rumsey! (Basement)
XX Patti "A"

TheShift74 said...

What a day it was!
Will be with me forever.
Thank you Patti A xx

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