Saturday, 26 November 2016

November Podcast DOWNLOAD (#64)

November's Podcast is now in the bag. If you didn't reach on Thursday night then you can check it out at your leisure - obviously it would be better if you got off your lazy arse and tuned in when it went out live, but I don't mind. Not at all.
Just be aware that I know where you live. I know your secrets. I know you still have Freddie - your childhood bear - in close proximity. Just tune in on the last Thursday of the month and we shall say no more.

Toodle-pip, gang!

Lovemaster Repo B

If you want to know what's coming up in the show instead of waiting for the surprise then here it is. Go nuts, dude.

01  The James Gang - Ashes, The Rain And I
02  Lex Horton - The Theme from Vice City
03  Freshco & Miz - We Dont Play
04  Jorun Bombay - Hip Hop Family Tree Pt 1
05  Divine Styler - Ain't Sayin Nothin
06  The Fabreeze Brothers - All Out War
07  Remark - The Remarkable 1 - Soul
08  Grandmaster Melle Mel And The Furious Five - Beat Street Breakdown
09  Sir Ibu Of Divine Force - I'm The Peacemaker
10  Vic's Club Singer Quiz!
11  A Tribe Called Quest - We The People (We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service)
12  Eric B And Rakim - My Melody
13  Ice T - Ya Don't Quit
14  ODB - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
15  Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Extended 12'' Mix)

Dope Doubleness
16  Gang Starr -Take It Personal
17  Gang Starr -Jazz Thing (Video Mix)

18   Mister Jason Presents Frankensteez - Mister Jason Has A Posse (DJ Format´s A-Z Of Classic Breaks Remix)

The Funk Trunk
19  DJ Mark N  - Live 7" Throwdown Vol.1 (Breakbeats)

20  Rammellzee - Paint To Pave The Road (Sam Sever Remix)

Roots Of The Roots
21  Colonel Abrams - Trapped (

22  Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (LP Version & Pe-te Rock Mixx)
23  Flipout - Flippin' Bob Part 1
24  Diamond D - Check One, Two

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